The Bungalow

We are proud to announce our latest development.

The purpose built premises will provide three spacious ensuite bedrooms, a Kitchen, office and communal lounge for three individuals that require a high level of support. Situated in the large rear gardens of Ashvilla West Bridgford.


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159A Musters Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7AF

Care Category:

Client group adults with challenging behaviour, autistic spectrum disorders, (complex communication and social needs), persons with physical disabilities.

Specialist Care Category:

Residential care home

Aims of the Home:

The company aims to provide an excellent quality of life for all the residents of The Bungalow. The home will be staffed according to the needs of the residents and will run in line with the philosophy already demonstrated in the other homes operated by MGB Care Services Ltd.

Service Users:

Gender: mixed, age range: 18-75


3 ground floor bedrooms all with ensuite.


All bedrooms, bathrooms and communal rooms are spacious and accessible by wheelchair users.


Mgb Care Services has a number of minibuses to cater for the transport needs of the service users.

Local amenities:

The Bungalow occupies a large plot of land on musters road, West Bridgford and is close to all community amenities, parks, shops, leisure centre, pubs, cinemas etc. The bungalow is a short walk from the centre of West Bridgford and is convenient for all public transport and in addition to this the home will have a vehicle which will ensure the residents will have easy access to all the community facilities.

Staff Team:

As we believe that the quality of our service is dependent upon the quality of our staff we operate a structured system of supervision, appraisal, induction, mentorship and preceptorship alongside a highly developed programme of courses tailored to the requirements of our staff teams.

Philosophy of Service:

The delivery of service at MGB Care Services is influenced by normalisation principles. We value people as individuals with equal rights and responsibilities who have the right to be consulted in all matters. We are committed to the empowering of individuals and to supporting self-determination through the promotion of informed choice. We actively support and encourage full integration within the community and promote a culture of continuous development focusing on strengths rather than simply identifying needs. We believe that it is difficult to feel valued when the emphasis is placed only upon what remains to be achieved.

Service users will be offered a wide range of leisure and social activities both at home and in the community. These activities are geared towards promoting the greatest degree of independence possible whilst respecting privacy and dignity.

We ensure that service users are fully included in all of the decisions made in respect of their daily lives. Choice is encouraged as a fundamental feature in order to promote individuality and self-respect. We aim to provide a stimulating environment with an emphasis on maximising the amount of independence available to the individual.

MGB Care Services

"We value people as individuals with equal rights and responsibilities who have the right to be consulted in all matters"


Ralph moved into Cherry Tree Lodge a year after mum passed away. Janet and myself have always found the staff very helpful. It has a lovely homely feeling and we are always made very welcome. Ralph is very happy and always appears doing things.

Thank you for your kindness.

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