Cherry Tree Lodge

Cherry Tree Lodge is a large Victorian house providing specialist care for 12 adults with learning disabilities. The home is situated only 3 miles from Nottingham City but also has the advantage of a quiet location facing large parkland with extensive views.

Service users are offered a wide range of leisure and social activities both at home and in the community these activities are geared towards promoting the greatest degree of independence possible whilst respecting privacy and dignity.

We ensure that service users are fully included in all of the decisions made in respect of their daily lives. Choice is encouraged as a fundamental feature in order to promote individuality and self-respect. We aim to provide a stimulating environment with an emphasis on maximising the amount of independence

Cherry Tree Lodge welcomes both male and female adults with moderate to severe learning disability. Once a referral has been received a comprehensive assessment will be carried out to formulate an appropriate care strategy and the prospective service user will be invited to visit, possibly incorporating an overnight stay where practical, to ensure the suitability of the placement both for the prospective service user and the service users already in residence

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34-36 Holme Road West Bridgeford Nottingham NG2 5AA

Care Category:

Client group adults with challenging behaviour, autistic spectrum disorders, (complex communication and social needs)

Specialist Care Category:

Residential care home

Aims of the Home:

To provide a home for life as desired by the individual

To ensure that the service that we offer meet the needs of each and every individual

To offer service users a lifestyle comparable to that of any ordinary citizen

To support service users to have a purposeful day and develop and maintain a social life outside of the home.

Service Users:

Gender: mixed, age range: 18-75


3 bedrooms on the ground floor, 7 bedrooms on the first floor and 2 bedrooms on the second floor


No lift available


Cherry Tree lodge has its own mini bus for use by the service users

Local amenities:

The home is situated only 5 miles from Nottingham City but also has the advantage of a quiet location facing large parkland with extensive views. West Bridgeford and Trent Bridge is located 2 miles away from the home where there are many shops, restaurants, pubs sport and leisure facilities including the sports ground of Nottingham forest, Notts County, Trent bridge cricket stadium and the national water sports centre of Holme Pierre Pont. The area of lady bay is with in walking distance and boasts shops, pubs, parks and convenience stores.

Staff Team:

The home has a complement of well trained staff. During the day there are 4 staff on each shift, at night there is one waking and one sleep- in staff. In addition there are ancillary staff. Extra staffs are allocated as necessary for out of house activities.

Available Beds:

There are two beds available, please contact the home manager, head office or complete the client referral form for more information.

In terms of MA's move, we are really pleased with the set up of the room and its make over. We were also very pleased to see the lengths the team had gone through to take care of MA's faith needs with her bedroom being given a Muslim theme which was encouraging and made the room look homely and beautiful. Equally we were also very pleased with the halal meat arrangement and its clear separate storage which means we can be confident that she is eating permissible meat.
Overall i appreciate how well you have kept us informed and how you continue to do so on a day to day basis. We were very worried about the move for a number of reasons but we are really pleased that MA has taken to it all very well. We are also pleased with the future plan to get MA back in touch with her roots such as dressing in traditional clothes, the inclusion of the Quran recitation in the sensory room as well as going into the Asian community amongst other actions - I look forward to all these positive changes, and hope thy successfully go some way in helping MA to gain calm and return to her former happy self.


Next of kin for Cherry Tree Lodge service user

Cherry Tree Lodge:

September 2011 October 2012

MGB Care Services

"We value people as individuals with equal rights and responsibilities who have the right to be consulted in all matters"


Ralph moved into Cherry Tree Lodge a year after mum passed away. Janet and myself have always found the staff very helpful. It has a lovely homely feeling and we are always made very welcome. Ralph is very happy and always appears doing things.

Thank you for your kindness.

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