PBS (Positive Behaviour Support ) Training

A 3-day course in challenging behavior and physical interventions. This course covers positive behavior support, breakaway/self-protection skills and restrictive physical intervention skills.

Sherwood Training is the provider of PBS. They work in close partnership with MGB. The PBS courses are tailored to make specific reference to the organisation’s core policies and procedures including recording systems, philosophy of care and service specific approaches. The result of this is a bespoke training course that is specific to the needs of each of MGB’s care homes.


On completion of the training, each participant will be able to:

  • Identify what is meant by the term ‘challenging behaviour’ and a range of factors that influence behaviours
  • Identify the key principles of behavioural record keeping and how to use an ABC chart
  • Discriminate between values and attitudes that are positive and appropriate and those that are negative and unacceptable
  • Identify the basic elements of positive behaviour support – individual planned responses that take into account factors in the environment, communication, values and attitudes
  • Describe at least 2 ways in which we can safely respond to ‘risky’ situations – i.e. using non-physical strategies & de-escalation skills
  • Identify the key principles set out in law regarding the use of physical interventions – this should be a recognition of the rights of the individual, naming key legislation, identifying when it would and would not be lawful to use a restrictive physical intervention and understanding the principles of minimum force and least restriction
  • Describe and define a reactive strategy – individual needs-based responses to challenging behaviour
  • Define the difference between escorting, holding & touching
  • Describe gradients of control – showing an understanding of the principle of least restriction
  • Effectively demonstrate breakaway and self protection skills
  • Describe control measures to ensure safe practice
  •  Describe the main risks to health and well-being of the application of an RPI
  • Describe how to monitor a person’s well-being while in a RPI
  • Describe how to respond in a health emergency
  • Show an understanding of post-incident support, debriefing and the value of reflective practice described in the REFLECT mode

Key Principles:

Sherwood Training places a great emphasis on the need for person-centred and positive behavioural support strategies. Understanding and responding to the individual’s needs and choices is the key to ensuring our responses are appropriate and effective. When supporting people who present challenges, we believe that they:

  • Continue to have the same rights as other members of society
  • Do not have to earn our respect; respect is a fundamental human right
  • Can expect to have their challenging behaviours managed in a safe and dignified way.

This means when supporting a person with challenging behaviours we will:

  • Help the person to learn coping skills
  • Minimise any damaging consequences of the person’s behaviours
  • Not punish them
  • Provide a safe, supportive and enabling environment
  • Avoid confrontation
  • Seek to promote their personal development and well-being
  • Use a person-centred approach when designing behaviour intervention strategies
  • Only use physical interventions as a last resort to protect the person or others from harm
  • Work to reduce the use of restrictive physical interventions
  • Seek opportunities for early intervention and non-physical strategies
  • Understand what records need to be kept and why

Please contact  Justyna Pawlaczyk on 01623 555900 for further information. For information on Sherwood Training please visit http://www.sherwoodtraining.co.uk/


We believe everyone has the right to live as a citizen with full rights in the community, irrespective of disabilities.

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Ralph moved into Cherry Tree Lodge a year after mum passed away. Janet and myself have always found the staff very helpful. It has a lovely homely feeling and we are always made very welcome. Ralph is very happy and always appears doing things.

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