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In terms of MA’s move, we were really pleased with the set up of the room and it’s make over. We were also very pleased to see the lengths the team had gone to take care of MA’s faith needs with her bedroom being given a Muslim theme which was encouraging and made the room look homely and beautiful. Equally we were also very pleased with the halal meat arrangement and its clear separate storage which means that we can be confident that she is eating permissible meat. Overall I appreciate how well you have kept us informed and how you continue to do so on a day to day basis. We were very worried about the move for a number of reasons but we are really pleased that MA has taken to it all really well. We are also very pleased with the future plan to help get MA back in touch with her roots such as dressing in traditional clothes, the inclusion of Quran recitation in the Sensory room as well as going into in the Asian community amongst other actions – I look forward to all these positive changes, and hope they successfully go someway in helping MA to gain calm and return to her former happy self.


Next of kin for Cherry Tree Lodge Service User

Ralph moved into Cherry Tree Lodge a year after mum passed away. Janet and myself have always found the staff very helpful. It has a lovely homely feeling and we are always made very welcome. Ralph is very happy and always appears doing things. We always kept informed of any changes. For as long as Ralph is happy, Janet and myself and all the rest of his family members are too. Thank you for your kindness.

Sharon and Janet

Ralph's sisters Cherry Tree Lodge

Our daughter, Jane, has now lived at Ash Villa very Happily for more than years. Not unusually we are probably over-protective parents, but following a carefully planned transition and a few weeks' experience, we were much at ease and very thankful that Ash Villa had become Jane's home. This outlook was, and continues to be much influenced by witnessing the very competent, caring management and staff tea, highly committed to providing a very safe, fulfilling and happy lifestyle for each resident as an individual. Most impressively too, on the very odd occasions we may have identified possible development of an issue requiring attention, the team had been well ahead of us and had already implemented effective measures or safeguards. Relatedly, the management and staff are endlessly patient, always willing to discuss, resolve, and speedily act upon any concerns that we may have. The acid test for us as parents is that when Jane comes to visit us, having enjoyed a day or so with ourselves and her old friends, as the time comes to return to Ash Villa her happiness and excitement redoubles. When she then receives the royal welcome - back from Ash Villa staff and residents, Jane is clearly overjoyed to be home: Mum and Dad are faded well into the Background - what a blessed relief! Many thanks to MGB Care Services and Ash Villa's management and staff for making it all happen.

Val and Chris Thomas

Parents of Jane Thomas Ash Villa

We're very happy, now that DK is at Sutton house, primarily because we can see that he's very happy there and we're confident that he's being well looked after. He gets a lot more variety and stimulus at Sutton House. It's actually hard to imagine DK being neglected or un happy there.

MR Kemp

Service Users Father

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Staff are always helpful and polite. Atmosphere calm, friendly and relaxed. Always a pleasure to visit

Val Varnam

Social Worker Burlington Villa

I have been here for 4 weeks but I was made to feel so welcome by everyone that I feel like part of the family. Cherry Tree Lodge is the best care home I have ever been to. The residents are so happy and they are given the best care. Every single member of the staff are fantastic at what they do, and they have already supported me. I am very sad to leave and I will definitely come back to visit.

Harriet Jones

Student Nurse

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere where nothing is too much trouble. Extremely happy with the service / support LB receives.

Julia Evans

Social worker LB Burlington Villa


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Ralph moved into Cherry Tree Lodge a year after mum passed away. Janet and myself have always found the staff very helpful. It has a lovely homely feeling and we are always made very welcome. Ralph is very happy and always appears doing things.

Thank you for your kindness.

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